Who We Are

Executive & Advisory Board

We are a team of finance and business professionals with over 150 years of combined experience. ONDA has developed a strong team of dedicated professionals, guided by an Advisory Board consisting of highly qualified finance industry experts and business executives. Whilst founded and headquartered in South Australia, we operate nationally.

George Wilson | Founder & CEO​

George has over 25 years in the financial services industry including financial planning, capital raising, stockbroking and private banking, whilst working for some of the world’s leading investment and banking houses in London, Sydney and Adelaide. George originally founded ONDA (then, Tatigen Financial Management) in 2012, which was initially set up to deliver a boutique and personalised service to a small number of business owners and families. In 2016 George started designing a scalable platform using world class security that would support the expansion of the business model without sacrificing the fundamental elements of what must always remain a highly personalised service.

Steven Trigg | Advisory Board Chair

Steven has over 25 years of senior leadership and management experience in Education, HR, elite sport and the commercial sector, including as Chief Executive of the Adelaide and Carlton Football Clubs in the Australian National Football League. He is currently Managing Director of the Randall Wine Group, incorporating Seppeltsfield. Steven holds an MBA, Bachelor of Education and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Steven has held Board positions, including with Rivergum Group of Companies (Chairman for 10 years), St Peter’s College Council, Adelaide Football Club, Prostate Cancer Foundation, and the Adelaide 36ers basketball club.

Our team comprises a highly skilled group of professionals who keep our operations running seamlessly, so that we can support our clients and deliver the highest standard of customer service. We are passionate about developing a culture that supports our staff to thrive and succeed in their areas of expertise. Our values of Service, Integrity and Innovation are what drives our team and these values underpin how we, as a business, approach identifying, recruiting and retaining our amazing team members.

Our Ambassadors

We believe that the best form of communicating the benefits that ONDA delivers is through the endorsement of our clients, who have now become our ambassadors. We strive to align our brand with like-minded individuals and professionals who understand and value the time savings and other benefits that flow from being an ONDA client. Our ambassadors provide their expertise and insights to assist ONDA to continually improve our service offering and delivery.

George Freney | Founder of 11point2 Advisory

George is an ONDA Lifestyle Concierge client. Between running his own advisory business, holding multiple board positions and a busy home life, he appreciates the time and cost savings that ONDA delivers.

“Since onboarding with ONDA, I have enjoyed the peace of mind that everything is organised and the time I save by delegating my administration to ONDA. I also like that I can log-into the ONDA platform for live information as well as receiving regular update reports. I like the security that ONDA’s systems employ and the peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to me, the ONDA team is there to support my family. I believe in ONDA’s ability to deliver on its promise and in the team behind the brand.”

Tiffany Murray | Business Development Manager & Entrepreneur

Tiffany is one of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs and business women, and a mother of four beautiful children. Tiff’s mantra is: “Value yourself. If you don’t value yourself, nobody else will.” At ONDA, we could not agree more and we love providing support to Tiffany, as a Lifestyle Concierge Client, to allow her more time to focus on her family and business.

"I work full time, plus I am building a business The Apartment Store with my husband and have 4 very busy kids. My life administration with school emails alone overwhelms me daily. Uploading all of our wills, life insurance, drivers licenses, car registration etc etc was one of the most cathartic experiences of my life! My load is lessened as I know ONDA has my back. All bills are paid on time, nothing elapses and most importantly if anything happens to me or my husband the ONDA team would know what to do! No one would be digging around in files."

Natasha Malani, CEO of South Australian Leaders

As well as driving collaboration between businesses and supporting member companies towards success in their fields, Natasha is Chair of Zahra Foundation Australia and principal of Access India. With a busy professional and social schedule, Natasha enjoys having a personal Lifestyle Concierge to reduce the administrative burden, so that she can focus her energy and drive to deliver positive outcomes throughout her network. “I lead a busy life, and I confess I don’t enjoy doing paperwork, paying bills or any kind of bookkeeping activity. I would rather be out and about connecting with my clients, growing my business and spending time with my family and friends. ONDA enables me to work on my business and deliver the lifestyle I work hard to achieve. I trust ONDA as I know they have my back, have secure systems and the attention to detail that ensures that I am meeting deadlines, paying bills on time and being efficient financially. I never have to worry about anything being overlooked as I have the best team with ONDA supporting me.”

Andrew Downs | Founder & Executive Director of SAGE Group

Andrew established and grew SAGE Group to become one of Australia’s most successful independent industrial control system integrators. As well as heading-up SAGE, Andrew sits on a number of boards focussed on the technology sector. Andrew is a Lifestyle Concierge Client who values ONDA’s personalised service, having a direct point of contact and being part of the ONDA community.