What We Do

ONDA Lifestyle Concierge is revolutionising the way that you value life’s most valuable asset - time - by outsourcing the management and review of your personal finances.

From accounting, legal and medical professionals to busy executives, and family offices, ONDA’s Lifestyle Concierge services deliver clarity, peace of mind and cost savings.

We recognise the challenges of managing personal finances and life administrative with the demands of a busy life. People often outsource house and car cleaning, personal fitness training, accounting and legal work - why not outsource the management of your life administration to ONDA?

Our services are tailored to suit each individual client's requirements.


ONDA Business Concierge is a unique, financial services innovator that provides Australian based administration support to sole traders, SME’s and businesses who:

• Have no time to review regular expenses including insurances, utilities, any licensing or other business costs

• Want to integrate automatically and reconcile to accounts


• No key person risk

• Continuity of knowledge

• Reduce business outgoings via regular reviews

• Privacy, security & confidentiality