Our Services

Imagine a world where you never receive, pay or manage bills, investments or your life or business administration.

We have a dedicated team of Concierge Managers who understand and specialise in looking after the needs of individuals for our Lifestyle Concierge clients and businesses for Business Concierge clients. 

We are not accountants or financial advisors – we work with all of your professional advisors to ensure that they have all the information they need, to make sure you are getting the best advice and value for money 

Lifestyle Concierge

Life. It’s your turn. 

Leave the life admin to us so you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. 

All your financial and life administration in one secure place, professionally managed by a team of experts. 

We give you back time by:

  • Receiving, reviewingpaying and reconciling your bills  
  • Reviewing your service and utility providers for value 
  • Looking after your end of tax year administration (including preparing an end of financial year report for your accountant)to make tax time simple and efficient  
  • Providing consolidated reporting on your entire investment portfolio 
  • Professionally managing your ‘life administration’

We provide you clarity by providing:

  • Professional management of every detail of your financial and life administration which contributes to your overall wellbeing 
  • Secure online access and regular reporting of your financial administrationdelivering you complete control and transparency 
  • A fixed fee based on the complexity of your arrangements 
  • Clearing your mind of day-to-day stress and responsibility of life and business administration 
  • Consolidated reporting of all your investments and transactions 
  • Support and personal service to help cut through the complexity of insurances and financial services 

We provide you peace of mind because:

  • We have your back, we have no other services or products to sell 
  • We help to lighten your mental load, knowing your ‘life administration’ is being professionally managed  
  • Your documents and information are organised and stored securely, and always accessible to you 
  • You have a direct line of contact with your dedicated Concierge Manager  
  • You can log in to our client portal at any time and receive reports and updates 
  • We never accept incentives, commissions or payments from any providers 
  • We use world-class security and are certified compliant with the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 international standard for information security 

Business Concierge

Transformation is what we do! 

We see technology as an enabler for business to grow and thrive, thereby creating financial wellbeing, reassurance and bringing prosperity to our community. 

We provide you with more than just timely, accurate, affordable bookkeeping. We will search for other cost savings too. 

Removing key person risk and delivering affordable, timely and accurate reporting enables you get on with running your business and focussing on your own growth and prosperity. 

We believe in you and the value of your time

We specialise in financial administration. Let us do what we do best, so you can do what you do best. 

Our financial administration services allow you to outsource the less enjoyable aspects of life and business so you can concentrate on the fun parts of life and the importance of building your business.