Our Clients

Everyone deserves the peace of mind of having a trusted guide who has their back, so they can focus on the important things in life. We enable our clients to gain greater control and clarity by professionally managing every detail of their financial and life administration which contributes to their overall wellbeing. 

Take control and lighten your mental load to ensure you are maximising your time.


Key person risk + Administrative Support + Reporting   

Individuals & Families

Busy lifestyle + competing demands + time poor 

Family Offices

Diverse Investment Portfolio + Complex Administration 


ONDA Business Concierge supports businesses by driving through efficiencies and cost savings across your financial administration. Our outsourced bookkeeping delivers timely, accurate data with no leave provisions, payroll tax or key person risk. With the ONDA team beside you, you’ll have continuity of knowledge, along with regular reviews of insurances, utilities, phone, data and more, ensuring you are always receiving value from your providers. To maximise your time, business owners and managers can engage ONDA Lifestyle Concierge, so that you can truly concentrate on growing your business with the peace of mind that we’ll be looking after your business and life administration. 

A residential property marketing company was paying a bookkeeper and 2 administrative roles that also assisted, but between them they were not able to deliver accurate information through Xero.  

ONDA’s Solution  

ONDA Business Concierge implemented a restructure of their financial administration through their outsourced bookkeeping which:  

  • Directly saved 25% on salaries 
  • Corrected inaccurate data in Xero through our bookkeeping review 
  • Delivers accurate and timely reporting  

As part of their service, ONDA manages an independent review of their insurances, energy providers and financial providers.  

We have already saved $40,000 for the business and will continue to review policies annually as part of the service 

A small, not-for-profit aged care facility were struggling to control costs and were overspending in their finance function, comparative to the Stewart Brown Benchmark. The busy staff were unable to deliver accurate, timely reporting and they were using outdated accounting software.  

ONDA’s Solution  

ONDA Business Concierge implemented a restructure of their financial administration through their outsourced bookkeeping which:  

  • Directly saved $50,000 annually in salaries  
  • Effectively managed the transfer to Xero account software  
  • Delivers ongoing accurate and timely reporting  
  • Incorporated digitised solutions to improve efficiencies  

As part of their service, ONDA will manage an independent review of their insurances, energy providers and financial providers:  

  • First year expected to deliver approx. $30,000 savings, reviewed annually thereafter
  • Total savings of $80,000+ 

Individuals & Families

Busy professionals deliver exceptional service to their clients every day and we believe that you should be treated in the same way. ONDA’s services are here to ensure your time away from the office is spent on doing the things you enjoy, and not spent working through life admin.   

Holding a senior role in a professional services company, this client was incredibly good at her job. With the demands of her role, her personal financial administration often suffered. Bills were placed on to direct debit to avoid late fees but then she felt like she was losing control. When it came to tax time, things were a mess and her accountant found it difficult to get the information he needed.  

For $1,000 per month, ONDA is able to provide bill payments and reconciliations, annual service provider reviews and document storage & reminders for 6 family members. 

Client Benefits 
The main attribute of ONDA’s services this client valued most was the clarity around her finances and administration:  

  • All payments were checked before they were debited 
  • Over $5,000 saved through our independent reviews of providers 
  • 50% of her ONDA fee was tax deductible, as confirmed with her accountant 
  • ONDA assisted with implementing new Wills 
  • Tax time was simple and efficient, reducing her accountancy fees by 10% 

Family Offices

For multi and single-family offices, we provide bespoke bill payment, investment consolidation and reporting services in a highly compliant way, as well as additional personal concierge services when requested. 

We support and liaise with other professionals such as accountants, lawyers and advisors to enable them to add the greatest value to their clients without being weighed down by administration. Together, we create a tailored service at an unrivalled price. 

family had previously tried engaging with multi-family offices and accountants to improve their administration and reporting, but the price point, service capabilities and inflexibility of their offering did not fit the client’s requirements.  

The family engaged ONDA to offer a customised solution that provides the consolidated investment reporting they wanted with a dedicated team to support their existing staff who manage the family’s needs.  

There are enormous time savings for the family’s staff who were previously manually paying bills and expenses, with none of the compliance or security around bank account access and payments that ONDA offers. In addition, the family’s accountants now receive a detailed tax pack in their chosen format at the end of each tax year, which reduces their time and therefore, professional fees. The family accountant confirmed ONDA’s management fee was tax deductible.  

This family now has:  

  • Absolute clarity around their current financial position and asset class exposures  
  • Tax compliant investment reporting including all dividends, distributions, contributions, for each entity and asset  
  • Confidence that every bill pricing and fees are reviewed/compared – not just automatically debited or paid  
  • The peace of mind that ONDA cross-checks that every provider’s ABN, contact and payment details are valid before each payment, and are not fraudulent  

In addition, we have delivered:  

  • 20% reduction in general insurance costs ($12,000) + identified 2 lapsed policies 
  • $4,000 savings in utility costs  
  • Avoided $3,000 in late fees and penalties