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Lifestyle Concierge

ONDA Lifestyle Concierge is revolutionising the way that anyone who values life’s most valuable asset, time, manages and reviews their personal finances.

From accounting, legal and medical professionals, to busy executives, and family offices, ONDA’s services can create clarity, peace of mind and cost savings.

We provide a dedicated manager as your direct point of contact - No more waiting for call centres to phone companies or banks, just one easy call or email and it’s done. We have your back!

We receive, pay, and structure for end of year reporting every single bill, invoice and payment - Giving you headspace and complete clarity.

We review for value every provider of financial, insurance, utilities, and phone services - Delivering you back all the savings (we don’t accept commissions).

We provide a secure online vault that tracks all upcoming renewal dates and retains copies of all wills, trust documents, licences and passports - If the house burns down or you lose your passport when travelling. 

ONDA Lifestyle Concierge Services

Fee*$150 per monthfrom $300 per monthfrom $500 per month
Annual review of serviceseither banking or insurances and 2 utility providersbanking and insurances, and phone and utility providersevery provider of banking, insurance, utilities, phones, investments, you name it
Guaranteed first year review savings**$300$500$750
Access to online cloud based secure vault to store important documents including copies of Wills, Trusts, Passports, Driving Licences
Receive, pay, and structure bills, invoices and payments for end of year reportingup to 10 transactions/month^up to 50 transactions/month^^
Mapping of your families trust, entity structures and assets, and professional service providers
A dedicated ONDA manager
Face to face, or virtual review and update meetings***
General administration support services***
Car purchasing support services

⚫ Included in Service 

╳ Not included in Service

* Total fee before tax deduction. Deductibility may vary for each client

** or the net amount not saved deducted from ONDA fees

*** Scalable (based on client’s requirements)

^ additional $80 plus GST per month for each additional tranche of up to 20 transactions ^^ additional $60 plus GST per month for each additional tranche of up to 20 transactions