Life. It’s your turn.

We are a unique financial services provider that delivers outsourced administration services to individuals, families and businesses on a fixed fee basis. We drive efficiencies via our world class security and technology platforms, and by delivering cost savings via reviews of all client service providers.

ONDA believes that everyone deserves a fair go financially.

We believe that busy individuals, families and business owners deserve more time to enjoy life with less stress around managing their administration. We are proudly independent and fully owned and operated in Australia. 

We promise everyone who has competing demands on their time to give you back time and provide clarity and peace of mind.

At ONDA, we believe in you and the value of time, which is why we designed our financial administration services to deliver you reassurance and peace of mind. Technology enables us to offer our services to everyone, so that we can be at your side, as your trusted guide. 

Time, clarity and peace of mind. ​


We professionally manage your personal and business administration, so that you can focus on more important things in life and on growing your business.


From individuals and households to SMEs and family offices, our Lifestyle Concierge team and Business Concierge team have you covered.

ONDA - pricing

We tailor our fixed fees for each client’s requirements, to ensure that we deliver on your priorities and expectations, and you only pay for services you use.

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We are passionate about offering everyone the opportunity of maximising their time by via outsourcing the management of financial and life administration.

Our Vision

To provide consolidated, accessible and cost-effective financial administration support to all Australians, allowing you to maximise your time. 

Our Mission

To give back time and provide clarity and peace of mind to our clients. Bdelivering financial administration services driven by technology and world-class securitywe enable your financial health and wellbeing. 

Our Purpose

To deliver you financial wellbeing, with more time to enjoy the important things in life, and to enable you to balance professional success and personal lifestyle. 

Lifestyle Concierge


Business Concierge


Family Office

ONDA is revolutionising the way that you value life’s most valuable asset – time – by outsourcing the management and review of your personal, family or business finances. Every client has a dedicated support team that receives, pays, stores, manages and reconciles all bills and outgoings. 

Our clients have the peace of mind that we have no products to sell and never accept payments or commissions of any kind from financial providers or institutions, meaning we truly have our clients’ backs. 

In a world where we outsource our cleaning, cooking, child minding, fitness, style, coaching…why not outsource the management of your day-to-day life, family or business administration to ONDA to achieve better outcomes? 

ONDA’s role in our clients’ lives is to deliver

time, clarity and peace of mind.


Never again receive, pay or manage bills, investments or life administration.


We provide a central point of reporting for your financial arrangements and investments. 

Peace of Mind

We always act in our clients’ best interests, so that you can focus on work, family and life.


Our systems are ISO27001 certified and audited, delivering clients’ world class security.